Sketches from a Terrace

by Bobbypin

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released November 28, 2016

Written, recorded, produced and mixed by Alana Marta DeVito.
All instrumentation by Bobbypin.
Mastered by Neil David MacDonald

All album art by Adrienne Chalaturnyk



all rights reserved


Bobbypin Berlin, Germany

Bobbypin expresses genderless passion songs set between the moments of love and loss, fear and fight.
The melodies stick like your favourite childhood candy, while stinging like a future jaded yearning. A classic treat with a modern gaze; reminiscent of 80s synth hits, 70s soft rock gems and your current alt-pop crush. ... more

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Track Name: Consequence
Drivin that same dirt road Breakin my back again Crashin that same ol car Chasin my own demise Takin you down with my own two eyes Fallin asleep with just a simple smile Consequence of you Consequence of me Consequence of you and me Makin the space for this second chance Consequence of you and me Bettin a dance on this doomed romance
Track Name: Blue Valentine
Wake me as we pass the silicon eye
Visions of black and white
Somethings I hear but but much that just don’t seem right
Here I’ve held your thoughts so recklessly
Didn’t think I could hurt you, didn’t think I would

Blue Valentine, my blue Valentine
Blue Valentine we draw our battle lines
Blue Valentine, loneliest friend of mine
Blue Valentine

Shake these fears from your heart’s faded starlight
Pinpoints of lover’s lives
Some fates you need, but none that just don’t
Feel right

Lost for words I’m frozen here denying you’re mine
To crumble here, submit to my crime
Track Name: Broken Lullaby
Take my hand into the sea
Lay me down where you first found me
Tired eyes are sick and sore
Bough’s broke can’t give you more

Passing on the days
Recalling all the ways

Broken Lullaby and broken hymns
Broken Lullaby won’t let me in (win)
Broken Lullaby and broken skin
Broken Lullaby Broken Lullaby

On my knees to break the spell
Heavy hand repeating this hell
By the shore each time is weak
Every step the moments cheat

Passing on the days
Forgetting all the ways

Broken Lullaby…..

With this cheek I lead the way
Past the scene that’ll always hold me
And they say, “It’s all far gone..”
Heaven knows it would take me this long

Broken Lullaby
Track Name: DWS
Air’s thick, sticky, sour
Park roads slick at this hour
The dead walk by
The dead just walk on by
Sludge smeared broken window
They’ll pawn our thoughts tomorrow
as we
Stumble by, stumble by
Soft eyes, and shuffle, fried
To him I wanna take it
To them I wanna make it
For now I’ll try and fake it
She knows I’d rather break it

Death walk stares
Death walk stares
Death walk stares
You in the face, see the voices in my head
Its written in my eye
It’s written on my eye

I walk I cannot lie
It’s in every step I take
I walk I cannot lie
It’s on every lip I taste
I shake I shake I shake and shake and shake

transfixed and hypnotic
transfixed and hypnotic

Heartbeat breath and swallow
Skip sound, silence, sorrow
The dead walk by
The dead just walk on by

Pristine on screens below
Hidden hands on the things they know
To shuffle by, shuffle by, shuffle by
Devine and comfort sigh

To him I wanna take it
To them I wanna make it
For now I’ll try and fake it
She sees I’d rather break it


Transfixed and Hypnotic
Transfixed and hypnotic
Track Name: Unlovable
I looked at you confused this morning
Then looked away to say good bye
"But why?" Your reply.
"This is my day, I’d rather stay."

I don’t recognize, I don’t recognize
Dry eyes I’m looking through
I don’t recognize, I don’t recognize
My skin when I touch you

Unlovable, Unlovable
Always a lover, forever unlovable
Uncover me, uncover me
Please lover, just leave me un-lovable

Unlovable, Unlovable
Uncover me, lover, I’m lovable
Unlovable, Unlovable
Just a lover, and always unlovable
Unlovable Unlovable
Uncover me, lover, I’m lovable

It’s been days, lost in this maze
Drowning in your words
So completely unbelievable
I don’t recognize
I don’t recognize
This feeling I’m so high, untouchable
I’m untouchable
Hey lover, I guess I’m lovable.
Track Name: Sweet Daze
Met you in that crowded room
Draped in spotlights at noon
Saw you there in a curtain of voices
Couldn’t pin it on a heaven of choices

Can we swing from that sunny day fire?
As the sunny day tires

Sing sweet haze
Sing silent gaze
Sing summer love sick daze
Sweet days
Sweet daze

Now you stand by the friendly moon
Steeped in liquor and gloom
I’d still swing, let me swing again
Cause these sunny days tire

Here I am, a facet of fair game
Lost in fantasy shame
When I ring, let me ring again
While these sunny days tire

Sing sweet haze...